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March 2019

 In January Danesbury’s longest standing resident celebrated her 93rd birthday. Cicely was a resident at the original Danesbury Home in Codicote Road and was one of those who enjoyed a fish and chip supper on the night of their arrival in their new home in 1993. Now the only remaining resident, what is now Danesbury Neurological Centre will continue to provide Cicely with a safe and caring home. 

Some will have heard of ‘Pets As Therapy’. Mungo is our PAT dog and visits both Danesbury and QVM Hospital with his owner each week. Mungo works with therapists and patients in the gym helping with their physical rehabilitation especially where there is a loss of mobility. Of course, there is also the simple pleasure for all our patients of just patting and stroking a loving dog. 

For those readers who enjoy the Welwyn Hatfield Times can we draw your attention to their regular Target Stamp promotion. Many of our supporters collect, and donate, these to the Friends. Using these stamps, we buy mostly plants for the gardens at both Danesbury and QVM Hospital, but also other smaller items of equipment for patients’ use. 

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