The People

Regulated by the Charity Commission the management of the Friends is in the hands of trustees who meet approximately every six weeks. The Treasurer produces a monthly financial report and at the end of the Friends’ Financial year in December annual accounts are prepared. These are examined by a professional chartered accountant before submission to the Charity Commission. The Annual General Meeting is normally held in October and is open to the public.

All the Trustees are volunteers. To ensure the shop provides an effective and reliable service, as well as meeting all legal requirements, we employ a shop manager and a relief manager.

The only other employee is a part-time administrative assistant who supports the Trustees in meeting their commitments. Being a volunteer based organisation ensures that our administrative costs are kept to the absolute minimum.

It is the policy of the Trustees that all the funds received are used to enhance the facilities of the Hospitals and do all that is possible to ensure that the quality of patient care is of the highest standard. We want the money raised to be working to the benefit of the local community. To achieve this we work closely with the Health Service professionals and respond to their frequent requests for support.


The Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith, The Bishop of St Albans                                     Ronald Maddox PRI Hon RWS Hon RBA FCSD FRSA

Present Trustees

Roger Huggins (Chairman), Simon Whitworth (Treasurer), Marianne Hawes, Julia Oliver, Charles Richardson , Anthony Stowe and Joy Wearing.