We are pleased to announce that our charity shop will be open again as of Monday 25th May from 10am, we shall be accepting donations as well. Thanking you for your support!
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Queen’s Jubilee celebrations held at both Danesbury & QVM Hospitals


The Friends exist to support the work of the National Health Services based at The Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital and the Danesbury Neurological Centre in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

Set in pleasant, rural surroundings, these two hospitals together provide support and specialist therapy for patients having a wide range of debilitating conditions. In the great majority of cases, these patients are able to make significant progress towards a better life, thanks to the skills, care and dedication of the staff.

The NHS is always short of resources and we raise money, from donations and through the operation of our charity shop, which enables us to purchase equipment, services and facilities which directly benefit patients. We also help the staff in their efforts to provide the highest standards of care.

Our website will tell you more about the work done at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital and the Danesbury Neurological Centre.

Want to help our charity?

Without the support of all our volunteers we would not be able to run our Charity shop in Welwyn High Street. The shop is our main source of income and therefore our focal point… it is also a hub of activity for the village. Click here to find out more


Every month we produce a newsletter, highlighting what we have been doing to support both Danesbury and QVM, as well as some of the other units within the Herts & Essex area. Click here to read our latest newsletter


Being a small charity, we are always looking to raise funds to help support the Danesbury Neurological Centre and the Queen Victoria Memorial hospital. If you would like to donate click here.